Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not that kind of doctor...

Why do I love my patients?  Because they provide me with stories like this:

Recently I was in my office trying to put the patient education packets together on my ever decreasing (read: next to none) budget when the receptionist rushed in and shut the door.  Her face was bright red.  "You need to come out and speak to Mrs. AnimalLover.  Now."

When things get heated, when patients get irate and when any of the staff feel like they are going to flip on a patient, I get the S.O.S. call.  I don't know why, but handling the crazies seems to be my specialty.  "I'm running pretty far behind, is there anyway you can deal with her?"

"No, you MUST speak with her."

I walk into the waiting room where a long standing patient is at the front desk.  With her dog.  This isn't an assistance dog who is there to help her in any way, just your run of the mill small breed mutt.  I turned on the million-watt smile.  "Hi, Mrs. AnimalLover!  What can I help you with?"

"I brought Fluffy in for his exam, but this woman insists he can't be seen today."  She glared at our receptionist.  "I know he has an appointment today and he needs his shots updated.  I know I have the right day."

"I'm sure you do have the right day for his exam, Mrs. AnimalLover, but this is just the wrong office.  This isn't the doctor you bring your dog to, this is the office where you come for visits."

"It is?"  She suddenly looked around realizing that there were no animals nor animal paraphernalia in our office and, thankfully, we had an empty waiting room.  "Well, they should have let me know they moved their office!"

We've been in our office for several years and the veterinarian she is talking about has, according to the receptionist who has lived here her entire life, been in the same building for 20 years or more.  Umm, yeah.

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