Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's gettin' hot in here...

He walked up behind me and breathed lightly on my neck in that very precise way he knew would make my pulse speed up a bit.  He nipped my ear as he ran his fingers lightly down my arms.  "You looked amazing tonight."

I turned my head a little and smiled.  We both knew I had dressed specifically for him.  From the silver drop earrings down to the 3 1/2 inch strappy black shoes, it was all to make that playful gleam come to his eyes when he saw me. 

My fingers were itching to touch him; to spark the same fire in him.  When his hands circled my waist, I took the opportunity to turn to face him and wrap my arms around his neck.  I pressed my lips to his jawline and inhaled the spicy scent of his cologne.  Whether I walked past another man wearing this cologne or simply smelled it on a tester card, I knew I'd be brought right back to this moment in my mind.

His hands skimmed over the sapphire colored satin covering my hips.  "You have been driving me crazy all night."

"It's the dress."  I stroked the nape of his neck and laughed a little.

"The dress wasn't looking at me with those eyes and whispering dirty little secrets in my ear."  His hand found the zipper of the dress and slowly tugged it down.  "The dress didn't rub this body against me on the dance floor."  His hands dipped inside the dress, running along the curves from my shoulder blades to my hips and taking my dress with them to pool around my feet.

I released the buttons of his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders.  His broad shoulders looked so delicious in the low lamp light of the room, I couldn't resist trailing light kisses from his collarbone to his bicep. 

He backed me up against the foot of the bed, gently pushing me down.  His brown eyes darkened intensely as he laid down on top of me, the smooth wool of his pants tickling my legs.

I lightly moved a hand over his chest, running my fingers through his hair with the other and pulling him down for a kiss.

He pulled back long before I was ready to break the kiss.  "God I love you, Krista."

And then I woke up, just as alone as I had been when I went to sleep.  Yeah, the only action I've gotten for quite some time has been in my sleep.  Damn, this was a good one though.


NP Odyssey said...

I clicked the "eye" on someone's blog and started reading. Not sure what the story was building up to at first, but nice dream.

Brett said...

Danielle Steele ain't got a thing on you Krista!

Krista said...

Yes she does... a few million bucks ;-)

It's pretty sad when the hottest thing in my love life is my subconscious fantasies.

etoile said...


Very spicy and made me smile; hoping your dreams become reality!