Friday, January 28, 2011


One would think that someone such as I who is relatively intelligent would have learned from the multitude of bad blind dates to not accept the male type people friends suggest you date.  One would think, but sadly that one would be wrong.

When another loving friend's husband began pushing his friend in my general direction, I initially declined.  It was shortly after Luke came on the scene and I wasn't really interested in a blind date.  But, I caved and agreed to let him pass along my contact info to his friend that we will just refer to as SuperDad.

During the emails and phone calls that ensued, he indicated that he was a single dad to one boy, never married, worked in sales and had a fairly charming personality.  The inevitable coffee date was set for the following week.

As anyone who has done online dating and/or been set-up with nothing more than photographic evidence of their appearance can tell you, photos lie.  Or are slightly misrepresented as being current when, in fact, they are 10 years, 30 lbs and half a head of hair ago.  SingleDad, however, was fairly close to the pictures he sent save for a few more gray hairs.  It's all good though; I'm quite into older guys.

"Krista?  Hey!  It's great to meet you!"  He grabbed both of my hands and squeezed lightly.  He seemed very genuine and very sweet.

When he went to order our respective cups caffeinated goodness, I formed a first impression of "like".  It wasn't as strong as my initial like of Dan, but SingleDad was seeming like a viable candidate.

"Tell me about your son."  This is an excellent icebreaker for a single parent.  Not only will it start an easy conversation, but you can tell a lot about a guy by the way they talk about their kids.  If you mention their child and their face lights up and their voice takes on a distinct note of pride, they are worth getting to know.

"Not much to tell.  He lives with his mother."  No smile.  No change in his tone whatsoever.  We may as well have been discussing the weather.

I laughed lightly.  That was not the reaction I expected at all so I tried another tact.  "How old is he?"

There was silence for about a minute.  "I think five.  If not five then he will be soon."

I had to resist screaming out an incredulous, "You think????"  Okay, third time's a charm.  "How often do you get to see him?"

"I really don't want to see him.  His mother 'got pregnant on the pill'."  I'm not adding the quotes, he did those annoying little air quotes when talking about his ex's pregnancy.  "I didn't want to have kids and just because he was born doesn't make me suddenly want children.  I don't like kids and I especially don't like that one.  I pay what the court decided I should pay, she keeps the kid and everyone is happy.  Can we please talk about something else?"

"I don't think there is anything else to talk about," I said once I could form coherent words other than cold, heartless and bastard. 


NP Odyssey said...

Who what a sad excuse for a father or human being.

etoile said...

Wow Krista! My jaw dropped at reading this for two reasons. 1) He is a prick. 2) Is he that stupid to think you would still be into him after that? As if he didn't even try to lie?

What's going on with Dan? I thought he sounded fabulous!