Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The RNG files...

It seems like with the mass exodus of my ex-husband's stuff, my friends got the green light to start finding me Mr. Right v 2.0. 

They feel exceptionally obliged to provide me with a plethora of "really nice guy(s)" since I work from home the majority of the time.  The men I come into contact with in coworker format are, most of the time, married doctors.  While they are oh-so willing to flirt, they are more interested in the "gotta go, the wife's around" type of relationship rather than the "til death do us part" set-up I'm looking for right now. 

Our most recent addition to the RNG collection (really nice guy, in case you weren't paying attention) met me a few days ago for coffee.  He lived up to the RNG title my friend bestowed upon him.  He's a genuinely sweet guy and put my life into serious perspective.  His soon-to-be ex wife left him and their children very shortly after their IVF conceived, premature twins were born.  He's also a military member stationed far from his support system.  Yeah, and I thought I had it bad.

Aside from all that, we have a lot in common and had an easy rapport.  We left things with a possible dinner this week and the good ole "stay in touch".  So we'll see where this leads.

Stay tuned for more stories from the RNG files.

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